Reach out, I don't bite!

If you have questions about something I worked on, suggestions for improving things, are thinking about hiring me, or just want to have a quick chat, then I'm all ears. You can talk to me...

󰇮...via email, to

Easy to remember, custom domain... what's not to like? In fact, it's my preferred means of communication, and where I'm most likely to respond (well, unless your mail ends up in my spam folder). As a bonus, you might get to see my super duper coolâ„¢ email signature! (oh it's... not actually a thing people look forward to? okay)

...on GitHub, as thesola10

This is where work gets done. If you want to be on the front seat for my latest works, make sure to follow me on GitHub (if that even works)

󰫑...via the Fediverse, @[email protected]

As you might have guessed, I don't actually host a Mastodon instance on this website. The handle is just an alias, plus it looks just like my email!

I am more likely to speak French on here than on Twitter, as I'm currently on a French instance.

󰕄...via Twitter, @itsthesola10

Behold... tech retweets, ramblings about the impending death of Twitter, anime memes, and the occasional philosophical diatribe.

If you want to see my more casual? weebish? side, you've come to the right place.

󰌻...on LinkedIn, as /in/thesola10

It may not always be the most up-to-date, but I am always listening to offers on LinkedIn. Just make sure to read up on my preferences so we're on the same page!

...on Reddit, as /u/thesola10

I haven't really seen many people brag about their Reddit profile, and I don't think that even matters, but for the sake of completeness, this page can serve as proof that it is, indeed, the same TheSola10 on there as well. (not that there's thousands of them...)